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Monday, September 1, 2008

Pennsylvania Ave Iced Tea

At last. Hot as hell. Labor Day. Wide streets. A whole city in relax mode, feet and belly up under green tree lined boulevardes and me...holdin' up in 'Caribou Coffee', cnr 17th & Pennsylvania. Over my shoulder I look at the gardens of the White House, the other way, Rick, the counter dude who is either in chill mode or hittin' on women. 85% hit rate he says.
But for the bicycle policemen and bare-legged blondes on laptops at the pavement cafe outside, this feels much like Durban in the early 70s. Empty streets, safe, white money, coloured labour. Cost of free WiFi - R38 for a green tea and mango flip and small chokky biscuit. So far so good.

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