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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Big Apple, Little Apple

Woke up this morning to this.

...and this....not a good idea to head off down the C&O today as it is by now a mudpath...though I do suspect that all the tropical storm warnings and emergency service announcements are really reflecting what is called a 'rainy day' in Africa.

Last night Ida and I headed off to have a cultural immersion experience starting off at a Reggae Eatery and bar in Adams Morgan where we met up with her Internews sidekicks from Nigeria and I ordered a Kenyan Tuscan beer....(ps you can't even imagine how bad the US beer is - there is only one word - peepee d'cha)
Then, filled with Reggae and matoke we headed off to......

Mama Italia, a Prynne/Goldswain palace of kitch indulgence.

Trop Storm Gustave has turned out to be a bit of a relief!
There's a secret here in DC...order the smallest thing on the menu and divide it amongst 6 people. This was a side order....

Ida is either happy that I am still around or likes creative spaces...

This did work to the advantage of 2 happy folk...strolling round near Dupont Circle I whipped my camera out, ran across the road and humbly requested the couple in recently married suit and dress to let me take a pic....turns out it seems they had just done the impressive Catholic church and ... it somehow had the magical feeling guests, no photographer....who knows? So, their lucky day, my happy moment. More to follow! And if the weather hits on, I am finally off tomorrow.

Cool Bananas!

Kevin Whelan and Kirz Bulut

Married 6th Sept 2008!

Killing time...waiting for the rain to abate...taking arb pix of people crossing roads...eating cheap (divide for 2 people) burgers...and checking out the Apple Shop (free internet).

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