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Friday, January 18, 2013

Mr Leggings goes 4x4

On the 9th of January 2013, a miserable, half dead, lame in the back legs, starving, wide-eyed creature came into our lives. Mr. Leggings was struggling across the blistering heat of a busy pavement by the Wabera St. taxi rank, in downtown Nairobi, Kenya. One of the taxi drivers was attempting to feed him a piece from a spicy Indian Samoosa.He had been there for some days, the men said, no sign of a mother. My partner, Ida, literally stumbled upon this tragic scene and about an hour later I got a call from her, "Budge, we have a small problem. I have this kitten in my office....and its back legs don't work."
Talk about a no brainer! When kitty destiny comes your way, you just embrace it and consider yourself priviliged, for as we know, cats find owners not the other way around. And, judging by Mr Legging's gutspah, I wouldn't be surprized if he had planned it all along. Either way, life has changed for the better for all of us, with our other three resident creatures (2 cats and an Irish Terrier) being ever so polite, if not a tad cogitative about the new arrival.
Our local vet's diagnosis of a severe calcium deficiency seems to be born out as, a week later, with loads of love, good food, and warm pipes in the bathroom to cuddle near, Mr Leggings is now getting back to four wheel drive. The biggest joy for us is that what was a very smelly kitty who could not self clean, is now transforming into what can only be sweet-smelling trouble!