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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bums, Bikes and Bugs

End of the trail...Cumberland! And barely 10 yards on is the world's best and friendliest bike shop who gave me a box for my bike, afforded me free use of their workshop and facilities...Ubuntu America.

Popped into smalltown Pawpaw and am glad it wasn't Sunday as I would have had a crisis of choice.

Time alone to reflect.....

My bud, Jim, from Downsville, Maryland. From the rain, part of the trail collapsed and so I headed off along the hills and dales of Maryland instead. At the crossroads I asked directions from a couple mellowing out on their porch. 2 hrs later I left having been fed, given a sweatshirt (great, as I left all mine) and more food for the trip than I could carry! Such, it seems is Ubuntu in America.

Well, at last, some pix!
Completed the trail by Thursday (which was 911 anniversary) and was met by a rather chuffed Ida resplendent with Subaru 4x4 SUV (hired at a cheaper rate than a city golf in SA). At petrol half the price of SA we are meandering back to DC via Pennsylvania, District of Columbia, Maryland and (West) Virginia. At prezz we are overnighting (and using the wifi at the Harpers ferry Youth Hostel - cheap and very good and full of interesting travellers).
SO here are few images from what will go down as a remarkable and magic time of adventure and joy in my I hope to continue with asap in the company of some of the more intrepid members of the SA African Explorers' Club!


  1. Awesome experience. Great people. What a life! Col.

  2. Washington State? And you didn't stop in Seattle to say hello. Sniff.

    I suspect you meant Washington DC. (since there are about 930 states twixt Washington DC and Washington State).