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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It happened! After my carrying on extensively to mostly deaf ears about the new video being STILL IMAGES in a multimedia package (ala I am ampped (thrilled in SA surfer lingo) to discover that the New York originated SLIDELUCKPOTSHOW is arriving in the throbbing arty capital of East Africa, NAIROBI! Yippeeee!

Talk about chance - Ida (that's my girlfee) and I happened by PURE CHANCE to do some late shopping at a pretty understated mall in Muthaiga suburb, Nairobi, last weekend (Remember the Muthaiga club in Óut of Africa'). There, hidden amongst Cheap safari offers and second hand Toyotas was a small notice that caught ida's eye......Sat 16th...cook and and meet! The inaugural SLIDELUCKPOTSHOWing event for Nairobi.

Just what my lamenting creative juices need! new ideas, new glistening images and lekka (SA slang for nice) food.

No more to tell - get it from their website: NOW!

Also have a peek at This is where it is all happening, trust me!

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