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Thursday, August 28, 2008


Directions to 82 Kyuna Crescent, Kyuna, Westlands, Nairobi.
-From Sarit Centre (Westlands) head sort of west along Lower Kabete to the SPRING VALLEY CIRCLE. Then follow Kyuna Rd (It is across the circle and past the stalls) then after about a mile turn left to Kynua Rise. Short downhill to T juntion. Turn right to Kyuna cres and we are 82 on the left. Phone or call Stephen, the gardener. His number is 0725952445 or yell and hoot. He will find a safe place for your bags and show you the house etc. Have a cuppa tea on us!
Ida only got in this morning at 5am from work as she is chasing conference deadlines for DC...She will probably not be at home when you 2 get there..if she is, forgive her as she is on a sleepless roll!
Any other problems can always be solved by Pat, our BIG buddy and taximan, cell number 0722741842.
I will call again later today to see if all ok. If I don't see you in the US I will see you when you get back to the wild dogs of Nanyuki.
(Took liberty of using one of your pix from your blog! I have to have pickies on my stories!)

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