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Friday, August 15, 2008

Feline Eugenics

It's true! All those tails about returning cats! Pony, Durban's North Beach resident carpark cat, turned up again after more than a year away. As the last survivor of the original 8 babes from 'mother', a tabby with slanty eyes who bonded over Steers Chicken pieces with car guard, Eugene Archary, Pony outlived her siblings, surviving the floods, drag racers and Harley exhausts. Eugene is convinced that the diet he gave her of Pamper pet food did the trick. Then she disappeared, suspectedly catnapped by a 'white' couple with an over dose of misplaced philanthropy. They clearly weren't local because it took Pony a year to walk home.
Moral of the story - Home is where the pampered heart is.

live update from North Beach, Durban, South Africa 07h20 Zulu time.

I went back on the 18th August to make some more pix of this delightful follows...Pony avoids the morning rush and sleeps late. Who wouldn't with a storm water drain all to your own.
With a little cajoling she eventually popped up and out for brekkies......Whiskers!
While I was there a stranger walked up and gave Eugene a framed set of photos he had taken of Gene and Pony a few days earlier. Gene says he used to be a local but can't quite recall his name.
That was the end of carguarding for the morning as Eugene showed his gift to all who passed. He had been telling me earlier how he had never imagined becoming a car guard...and now would not have done anything else as he he has met the most amazing collection of people in the decade or so of being at North Beach. As he was saying this, an older Indian lady got our of her battered van and gave him R40. This morning I saw how Ubuntu cannot exist in a world where animals and the environment are negated. Indeed, often it is the necessary trigger for such events.

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