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Friday, March 5, 2010

Sun City Soon

I am still wondering if there is any meaning beyond sheer coincidence in the morse-like raindrop patterns I have been entertained with since the rainy season began. This is after all a scientifically correct blog and I must avoid any wild imaginings of extra-terrestrial conversations!
So, I'll put the morse on hold and see how else I can use the rain.

Dontalkdo has always been a bit prophetic. I forsaw with much disdain from vested interests the overturning of the low fat - high carb health fantasy of yesteryear. Pity that Dr Atkins hit the dust just as he was about to be proven right. It was on this blog that I predicted that the recent work in Brain Plasticity would preface a radical rethink in human behaviour and evolution. Last week the New York Times headlined - "Culture is the new Evolutionary Force" - Just as Norman Doidge MD predicted in his NY Times best seller 'The Brain that Changes itself'. My most consistent prophesy is the the one dealing with the demise of religion as we know it - the 'believing in God stuff'. This is going to be a self-fulfilling prophesy, something that religious folk are very familiar with. I am currently predicting that the Ugandan anti-gay laws will catapult the world into a new awareness of how our level of civilization and morality is measured by how we treat our fellow humans and animals - all of them. Before long we will see more and more the legalization of same sex marriage leading to a global acceptance of the power of Love over discrimination. This week alone same sex marriage has been legalized in Mexico and, wait for it, Washington DC.
My final prediction is that before the year is out I will have such a small carbon footprint that i will be able to make money by selling personal carbon points to ..... well, don't all line up so fast!
In this spirit allow me to present my gadgets of the week: a 15W Solar Panel and 10amp Charge controller, all bought at our local grocery store for the humble sum of $100.
Fat lot of good that will be in the rainy season! Ah! But I have a plan! Within minutes of the rain arriving a huge flood of water collects in our driveway and channels down a single open drain into the veggie garden some 30 feet below. That's quite a head if harnessed! So, phase 2 of my Alternative Reality Project is to link the Solar system to a small scale hydro generator. Could it be better? Water falls on my head, fuels my off sun energy and then waters the veggie patch - all without any pumps!
Initially I should be able to have a backup system for my computers and some low wattage LED lighting.
In time, and inspired by the USA Florida Solar Project featured in the NYT today, I hope to be able to kiss the grid goodbye and live happily ever after in an alternative energy reality.
If you want to play around a bit with the options in solar try the great simulation on this site:

and for a peep at where I hope to end up..... (Madrid Polytechnical Uni project)

This is Bob's solar house and a highly detailed look at what can be achieved with a lot of passion and basic tools.

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