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Monday, September 21, 2009

Some thoughts on why I work with a Black Consciousness Organization .....

The clip I have chosen highlights for me why I am so comfortable working with an intelligent, thinking, compassionate and, most of all, secular organization. So often us brights or atheists are subjected to the presumption from the lecturn that everyone wants to pray. On Saturday 19th September 09, The Steve Biko Award ceremony was held in Durban.
Prof Msamane (prof of African literature at UKZNPMB) showed respect to the many people of cloth at the event in a most encompassing yet non-arrogant way. A lesson is here to be learnt for all who presume metaphysical superiority. He then continues to underscore many more aspects of what makes a progressive and democratic organization - the need to look forward and change with the changing times ... and the importance of the old guard not clinging onto office. Most important is that speeches can be made with good language, soft tones, nuance and humour.

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  1. Great, Budgie! It is above all great, because of the feeling it evokes .... but I particularly like the voice-over delivery.