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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where's Willy & all that Jazz..

OK Beverley! I plead guily. I'm a lazy good for nothing diverted attention follower of sideways inconsequences of note who has neglected his blog and his 3 faithful readers.

Actually, it only dawned on me today the real meaning of the announcement of the findings of the first stage of the work on the 'new' German fossil, fondly called 'Ida'.
(my girlfriend is delighted!)

The carefully timed nu & traditional media hype around Ida is, I believe, a positive development. The Scientific front (for the Liberation of the Human Mind) is at last understanding that to compete for the hearts and minds of orrinerry folk we need to think like Hollywood and Obama. The risk is that the allure of fame and money will obscure their commitment to due scientific peer review and the possibility of not catching the ball they have so adeptly thrown.

My take on Ida is:

If this is indeed what it certainly seems to be...then this week has heralded one of the greatest scientific discoveries ever. It is also a secure nail in the creationist (anti-evolutionist) coffin. However, in true form, these pathetic apologists are still flaying around in their strait jackets digging up lame arguments about the irrelevance of Ida. Once again, a little common sense and a good reading of their arguments reveals how weak they are.
As people passionate about the method of modern Science, we are, as always, totally subject to the ongoing march of new evidence and retain uitmost respect for the gradual but inevitable process that hones our understanding of where the Truth lies.
Once again, I reaffirm my dismay and active opposition to the dogma of the devotees of 2000 year old mysticism.

That said, allow me to give some opera notes for this meg-edition of dontalkdo.

1) A brief history of my recent trip to Nairobi, our impressive guests and my early return to SA where I am readjusting to a crime and violence ridden society.
2) Why I am in love with Nairobi.
3) Why I am not in love with God(s), including the complete history of our recent Science V The Fundamentalists email debate.
4) Why Music and Art are keys to unlocking our natural abundance, including the Angel's exhibition.
5) Introducing my new online introduction to Evolution and all that follows...

(1) I am in love!

They asked me, "Where is your home?" and I replied, "South Africa, my heart, my head and home!.....but, I have met and fallen in love with a beautiful woman called, Kenya."

So it was that I returned to the land of rumbling roads and red Masai, where the mountains rise cool from the torrid rift valley.

Downtown Nairobi gripped me again in her chaotic camaraderie with the evening escapes to old Indian town for crushed sugar juice and Jelabee.

One visitor melted into the next and we left the buildings for the jazz of the deep south and another creatively transcultural experience.

Visitor went and visitor came and hand in hand we made music and sang together on the crest of the Ngong Hills. Here, every child shepherd has a ring of bright bracelets strung and a smile for patient strangers. The Nairobi walking club kidnapped us for a photo session, amazed to hear that our friend, Steve has a house at the very southern tip of the Rift, in Ubumbo, South Africa.

All of which brings me to part (2)
Why I am in love with Nairobi.

Meanwhile, back in South Africa...

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