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Saturday, January 31, 2009

A little Repartee......

A Little Repar Tree....
Things people say inspire my way....
Earlier this week, I had the occasion to head 100 miles north, to my niece 'n nephew's fruit and sugar farm. While gazing through the layers of trees, defined by garden...lawn....fence....sugar cane....fruit tress....rural mountains....wild bush....I decided that I wanted to share this place and moment with Ida and my heartfelt friend, Patrice.

Patrice is somewhere in New Mexico, no doubt gazing at iconic ruddy landscapes so I wondered how (on earth) to share this moment.
So, I called Ida (my girlfriend) and came up with an ingenious idea! I found two trees (clearly lovers as they were happily potted next to each other) and slipped a weeny sliver off one of them. This was duly transported back to Durban where it is now recovering its energy in a glass jug of water in my mum's kitchen.
If and when our little Repar Tree starts sprouting I will replant it somewhere beautiful so that when Patrice comes to Durban she will be able to see it and share in a moment, gone in time, but bright in new life.

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