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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Man Alive!

This is the the inside story of an extraordinary brain. The lighter parts on the right side of the MRI scan represent the damaged area of Christo Jooste's Left Parietal region, after an extensive ischemic infarction of the brain on the 28th October 2008.
This critically includes the Brocas Speech area, vital for speech and writing and also deeply affects the ability to move the right side of the body.

This is the start of the outside story of a remarkable journey, with western medicine, art and music, photography and compassion all playing pivotal roles in a Jota of Joy and Life.

21st December 2008
It's as though the old Christo is back in force, barely a week after the doctor and therapy boffins decided that he was 'not capable' of being therapized. Funny how we tend to tread so carefully around their hallowed opinions and mutter under our breath how they dictate the truth with big technical words and 15 minute assessments. I wonder if they even heard me trying to tell them that here was a man with an extraordinary brain and thus constituted an extraordinary opportunity for any practitioner in this field to have a really fascinating challenge. But nobody heard me, nobody bit.
Yesterday when we took Christo for a baseline checkup, his family physician was amazed to say the least! From an assessment of "It's the biggest stroke I have seen in 16 years of practice...the prognosis is not good at all",

to Christo playing chess ..
.. and doing the barbicue (braai) this evening,
...I can only only ascribe it to a good mixture of the right drugs, western medical technology and lots of love and empathy (and MUSIC!!!).
Today was a day of firsts - his first little nibble in the form of a tree berry from his garden.
His first letters put to paper (strange new language, but letters nevertheless)...
..his first walk around the block...
Understandably, at the end of all this he was was Ida.

But the best of the lot was that, while I was outside yogaring and Ida was inside helping Christo dress, he motioned her away and SAID....yes, SAID...."budgie....come!"

Bla, bla, bloggety bla, splishety, splosh, a whole lot of stuff happened and next thing we are all with wonder physio, Melanie Wessels (not an M T Wessel, this one!). Christo rediscovers blondes and the rest of us, the power of the committed specialist.


Have a ball!

Saline Hookah

...and finally, my advert for free stroke rehab support services and documentation.

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