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Friday, June 20, 2008

Could this be better than sex?

Seen at a petrol garage on the M1.......lust lust lust!

The answer, I suspect, is a resounding Yes.

For one thing (and to quote and old British Bike magazine columnist)...The most contentious thing you'll have to put up with is oil in the morning coffee or cold fenders in bed. Ideal for those of us tired of fractious relationships (well that leaves me out!). You just tuck her up for the night in her own room (or outside in the cold) and ride her when you get the urge. Ok, I know this smacks of old world sexist impropriety, but if one can have a bike on the side that gets you to work much faster than anything else then you can honestly spend more value time with your flesh and blood partner in crime/lover/friend/companion/father/husband to your flesh and blood/girlfriend/partner/wife/lover/bumchum/travelling companion/housemate.

What made me consider these thoughts again was the purchase of a British Bike magazine. In the old days when the CNA was not a dyslexic political party and the 'West Street Willies' ruled the streets of Durban on their Trumps and Beezers, a small crew of avid bikers worshipped a demigod named 'Ogri'.
So blow me down, there I am in a Crouch End corner caff, reading the latest Ogri and Malcolm cartoon. SO, with little or no respect for copyright, I take the liberty of reproducing it for my good mates in SA.....for old time's sake.
Meantime I got another great idea...sparked by the smalls section in the Bike mag.

Perusing the prices of classic and veteran bikes here and have found the price of bikes generally MUCH cheaper here, especially bikes older than 20yrs, eg BMW R80s etc. If a bike is over 20yrs old then the insurance is MUCH lower which is significant as insurance and reg is very high.

So, if I were to buy a good second hand bike in good nick set up for touring and leave it here, I could have really good holidays by just getting here and getting on the bike...Europe etc etc.

Nuff sed and remember that you never go into the unknown for what you know beforehand.

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