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Monday, May 19, 2008

Wanna be a TVStar?

Yippee! Finally on 2 wheels (with a motor) again!
As I mentioned before, my BIG New Yrs Rezz from '08 is to get more mobile in less time. That means travelling more and further and being ready to hitch up my horse in under an hour, no matter where to.
My dear late Grandfather (Oupa Benny Boy) used to get all glassy-eyed when he told us tales of the Boer War (1899 - 1902). 'The best years of my life' he always said.
What I really remember most was his telling how they always had to be ready to get up at the drop of a hat, or the first sign of Tommy (Brit soldiers) approaching. Out of bedroll and onto horse as quickly and quietly as possible, and then melt into the night, to live to fight another day. That is the stuff I found the most exciting.
So, I took the leap and bought a brand new, 'made in India', TVS125 Victor. Life in Kenya will never be the same again! I am planning my first trip, as soon as the little beasty is run in...and that is to Tanzania down past Kilimanjaro. Wow! Woopee! Will take lots of pickies and put them on my blog.
Ida is also 'in haar skik' so to speak, as she has finally got the car of her dreams...see the pix!

There is connecting thread in this story.
In 1911 my Granddad headed up to German East Africa (now Tanzania) with a friend and spent 2 years having East African adventures, based on his cousin's apple farm in Arusha.
Arusha is the target of my first '125 in Africa' ride. Don't somehow think I'll find the cousins though.
When I was to return to Nairobi a month ago, friends and family expressed concern for my safety. People are killing each other up there, they exclaimed. Sadly, from here, all I see is 'people killing each other down there.'
For heavens sake, Africa, Myanmar, Sri Lankar, Iraq, Palestine, the list never seems to stop. STOP THE KILLING!!! Is the veneer of civilization really so paper thin?

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